Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about rushbus services. 
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What is a rushbus?
A fixed-route, public transportation peak-hour service provided by TMA Bucks that is designed to connect workers from existing transportation services to nearby employers.

How much does it cost?
The fare is $1.00 per trip. Additionally, if your employer is a member of TMA Bucks, you are entitled to purchase a discounted monthly pass.  Ask your supervisor or human resources department if you aren't sure whether or not your company is a member of TMA Bucks or email us here. SEPTA TrailPasses & TransPasses are not valid fare.

Can anyone ride a rushbus?
Yes.  All rushbuses are a public service and function like any other public bus.  You may choose to wait at a scheduled stop to board the bus or flag the bus down along the route.  It doesn't matter what you're using a rushbus to do -- if the schedule and route meets your needs, then you are welcome and encouraged to ride!

When does the rushbus operate?
Monday through Friday except on the following holidays: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

What if my SEPTA Regional Rail line is running late?
Each rushbus is scheduled to meet specific SEPTA Regional Rail trains.  If the train that a rushbus is scheduled to meet is running late, those rushbuses will wait for that train to arrive, regardless of how late the train is.

Do I need to schedule pickups on rushbus services?
No.  All rushbus shuttles are public, fixed-route services that operate on a firm schedule.  Use a rushbus as you would any other public bus.  It is as simple as waiting for the bus to arrive at your stop or flagging it down along the route.

Why do rushbuses run only at certain times and not all day?
The rushbus shuttles are intended as a means of accessing jobs and are funded by a federal grant.  Therefore, each service is customized around the shift times of local employers to make the most efficient use of the grant funds.

Does TMA Bucks hire drivers or mechanics for the rushbus?
No. Please contact Bucks County Transport (888-795-0740) for more information.


May I take my bike on the rushbus?
Unfortunately, no.  The rushbuses are not equipped to accommodate bikes at this time.


What about strollers?
You may bring a stroller aboard a rushbus as long as it can be folded and safely stowed.


Are rushbuses accessible for the disabled?
Yes. All rushbuses are equipped with wheelchair lifts for disabled riders.

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